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Awesome collection! Our second year here. We'll be back! - Lauralee Sawyer, Cincinnati, Ohio
the days
of the
iceman and
the ice box?

We carry OAK and PINE antique ice boxes. Inventory turns around often, what you see in the store today may be in someones home tomorrow.

Antique ice boxes make excellent wine or liqueur cabinets, a decorator's delight.

Iceboxes date back to the 1830s. Most iceboxes were insulated with mineral wool, charcoal, cork or flax straw fiber. The inside of the icebox was usually lined with galvanized metal, zinc, slate, porcelain, or wood. The ice box literally began as a wooden box. The hey day of the ice box was something like this: The iceman delivered ice for the first ice boxes the predecessor of the modern day refrigerator.

Ice was purchased by the pound for the ice box from a frozen water salesman not unlike a milk man. Of course the ice melted in the first crude ice boxes, so the iceman was in great demand. The tin-lined area that held the ice had a rubber tube that was attached to the bottom at a drain hole to relay the water to a pan under the ice box.

There was always a puddle of water on the floor to remind us that it needed to be emptied.